As Freelance Writer/Ghostwriter

“Shannon did a very good job for us. She was very patient and easy to communicate with.”

— Nick R. (Real Estate)

“We needed to get our company blog up and running. Shannon did a great job capturing the company’s tone and direction. She came to the job with her own ideas to add to the project and delivered. I will continue working with her!”

— Allie P.,

“Collaborating with Shannon is inspiring! The way that she immerses herself in a project is exhilarating. The collaboration feels so natural, it’s as if she has been part of our lives for years and we love it! She is interested and creative in how she approaches a project. We are enjoying this process so much that we wish that it would never end.  She is so in sync with her collaborators. Her information gathering,  meticulous organization, and process of innovative new ideas is astounding. Some of the best aspects of this collaboration have been the commitment to accuracy, her desire to truly understand the experiences, and her sensitivity to the stories and experiences. We have witnessed her empathy; we know she understands how we feel. It is obvious how much she cares about the people she is working with, the project, and her organization and dedication to the project. Everyone involved feels like this is a team, and a darn good one! This process has been truly a great experience and we are extremely excited about reaching our goal.”

— Renee Schyjer and Freddy Moore

“Shannon was an immediate standout.  She arrived on time, she listened as we told her what we were interested in doing…an autobiography of my father who was in failing health and difficult to understand.  Shannon explained how the process would work and gave us options as to how often we would meet, where we would meet, what could be done online, how long she expected the process to take and how much it would cost.  We were in a hurry to get the book finished while my father could still enjoy it.

It was a labor of love and Shannon quickly became invested in “our” project.  She was very patient when trying to understand my father.  She has a very professional yet warm personality so it was easy for us to tell our story.  The good the bad, funny and sad.  Sometimes we met at a Starbucks halfway between our homes, sometimes we emailed, sometimes we met at my parents’ home.By the time Shannon was putting the chapters together she realized that the book was more of a business “How To” book instead of an autobiography!  My father was so excited at how it was being molded with his own words, stories and philosophies.  Shannon never once showed any irritation at the many changes we made as each person in our family went though it and added to, or deleted from before it went to print.

I have to say Shannon actually went over and beyond when it came to helping us make a cover for the book. She is a talented writer, understanding employee, creative, artistic, extremely knowledgeable in the many areas regarding the writing of a good book to its final product.

My father and our whole family is so pleased with the finished piece of my father’s life. People have asked us to use it as a textbook in their college business courses… We would have never guessed the turn it would take and may not have taken without Shannon’s insight.

If you could have seen my father’s smile when he saw and read his hard bound book you would agree that this project was one of the highlights of his life!  And this man has had some pretty significant highlights.

I would highly recommend her and her work to anyone looking for a ghostwriter who is fairly priced, is an expert in her field, has a great work ethic and is easy to communicate with!”

— Teresa (Uribe) McGilvray

As Editorial/Site Director

“Her deep knowledge of the content and intelligent strategy for growth is absolutely responsible for the success of [] as it stands today.”

— Lori Richmond, Creative Director, Designer, Author-Illustrator

“Shannon is a strong partner who does an astounding job balancing The Bump’s content strategy across the needs of the brand, the user, the product and the business.”

— Josh Himwich, VP and GM, The Bump at XO Group

“Through Shannon’s brilliant management and writing, The Bump has hit a whole new level of success. Shannon has a special talent for pulling together different groups to achieve a common goal…Under Shannon’s leadership, you feel like anything is possible.”

— Sharon Thomas, West Coast Advertising Manager The Bump

“Shannon has an amazing mix of creativity and business sense….Not only is she a good leader and a smart content strategist, but she’s fun to work with.”

— Elena Mauer, Writer, Instructor, Content Strategist

“She is smart, creative, understanding, approachable, and truly cares about the people she works with — all the ingredients of a great manager.”

— Kristin Cimonetti, Digital Content Manager for WE tv (AMC Networks)

“Shannon has an incredible passion for the topics she covers and for her audience. She knows them inside and out and it’s so apparent in her work…You’d be hard pressed to find a coworker who is as bright, hardworking and invested as Shannon. Not to mention one who makes the room a lighter, happier place as she does.”

— Jenna Bruno, Associate Director, Account Strategy at XO Group Inc.

As Marketing Manager

“Shannon is the most dedicated and genuine person you will ever know. She gives so much to every project and program she works on and truly cares about both the execution process and the results.”

— Lisa Ziviello, Senior Manager of Brand Communications, Noodle

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